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Freshmen Welcome Party: FROSHIE LAND

The Student Executive Council rolled out the pink carpet for its freshmen party last September 11, 2023 where the froshies (freshmen) dove into a world of wonder and experienced endless fun.

The freshmen’s party was graced by Mrs. Wai Lin Sing, the Director of Office of Student Life, Mr. Ankiat Byron Co, Accountancy Program Head, organizations’ advisers Ms. Jane Chuasiaokong, Ms. Shariz Clares, Head, SHS Discipline office, Mr. Danilo Supelana, Student Executive Council’s Adviser. Mrs. Armi Mogro, Supervisor Senior High School Department and Mrs. Lyn Delmo, College Professor, also attended the party. The other attendees were sophomore, junior, and senior college students from different courses.

The event started with a heartwarming welcome speech from the Student Executive Council’s adviser, Mr. Danilo Supelana. The frosh party was hosted by Mr. Aaron Tubis, the Student Executive Council External Vice President, and Ms. Winnie Ngo, the Sports Coordinator. Their energy set the stage for the froshies’ unforgettable day.

With a Barbie-themed party, the froshies were treated to a series of exciting games, wonderful performances, and non-stop tunes that kept the stage alive. The crowd was very lively and energetic. The Hospitality Management students also whipped up a spread of delicious treats along with the snacks provided. The various organizations, including JPIA, SHMS, Rotaract Club of CKSC, JMA, COMSOC, JMS, SMART, and SEC were applauded for their informative and fun performances.

Ms. Keri Chiu, the Student Executive Council President, gave the closing remarks. It was certainly a successful event which the Freshmen students would cherish forever.


CKSians, Are You Ready to Roll?

Last September 27, 2023, the College Mid-Autumn Festival Dice Game was held at the Narra campus. The Student Executive Council prepared lots of prizes for everyone as the CKSians played together with their friends.

Each table had 20 players and prizes range from tier six to one. From mini notebooks to power banks, all prizes were surely fit for the everyday student life. As each table played their dice game, laughter filled the for they were excited to get the first prize. The spirit of friendly competition amongst the participants per table can be sensed due to the limited number of prizes.

It was a memorable day where the feeling of togetherness and excitement bonded everyone as they enjoyed the fun tradition. New friendships were formed while existing ones were strengthened. They went home with hearts warm and bags full, everyone is considered a chongwan!



The CKSians, showed gratitude to their guiding lights- their teachers!

Last September 27, 2023, the Senior High School Student Council and the College Student Executive Council held the Teacher’s Day Program at the Narra Campus gymnasium.

The Senior High School teachers and College Professors had a short parade where students warmly greeted and welcomed them. The program started strong with a dance performance from selected talented students. Everyone was energetic and excited about the program. Different games were played where teachers and students teamed up. The students did not just show appreciation with their cheers, but they also prepared song and dance performances to show gratitude to their teachers. Cheers and laugher filled the gym throughout the celebration.  It was indeed a meaningful event because the students gathered and planned the said event which the teachers truly enjoyed.

 May our dear teachers continue to be our guiding light for generations to come!


Last August 30, 2023, Kotex PH and Rexona Philippines visited the Narra Campus of Chiang Kai Shek College and gave free sanitary napkin and deodorants for ladies. Providing these products, promote personal care and good hygiene for students. The Senior High School and college students showed great interest on the free items displayed and they also participated in activities which were offered by the two companies. Rexona Philippines had a mini game called “shoot-the-ball”. Students kicked a ball into the holes and received exclusive freebies such as towels, bags and tumblers. On the other hand, Kotex PH, made students fill out their registration book with their information in exchange of the free sanitary pads. Kotex PH and Rexona Philippines continue to ensure that CKC College students stay healthy and fresh all the time.


Chiang Kai Shek College Adopts Barangay Sabang in Tuy, Batangas

Last July 4, 2023, Chiang Kai Shek College (CKSC) took a significant step in fostering community engagement and social responsibility by signing a Memorandum of Agreement with Barangay Sabang in Tuy, Batangas. The agreement outlined the CKSC’s formal adoption of Barangay Sabang for a duration of five years where CKSC shall focus on providing it support and assistance.  

The ceremony was attended by key representatives from both parties namely Dr. Judelio Yap, the President of CKSC, and Dr. Rolance Chua, the Vice President for Academic affairs, who represented the college. On the other hand, Mr. Crispin Padilla, the Barangay Capitan, represented Barangay Sabang. The signing of the memorandum of agreement was witnessed by Mrs. Wai Lin Sing, the Director of Student Services and Academic Support, Mrs. Sharon C. Doma, the Head of Community and Extension Office, and Mr. Neil Constantino Martinez, Teacher III and Officer-in-Charge of Eulogio G. Cerrado Elementary School.

The agreement solidified the commitment of both CKSC and Barangay Sabang to collaborate closely, foster mutual cooperation and engage in various activities for the betterment of the community. CKSC pledged its support in specific areas such as education, health, livelihood, and infrastructure development. TheCKSC students and staff would actively and consistently participate in community projects, leveraging their skills, resources, and expertise to contribute meaningfully to the progress of Barangay Sabang.

With the Memorandum of Agreement in place, CKSC and Barangay Sabang embark on a journey of shared responsibility which aims to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the residents on the said Barangay. This collaborative endeavor symbolizes the spirit of unity and cooperation between the academic institution and the local community with the common goal of building a better future together.


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