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CKS College Business Expo 2024: Celebrating Innovation and Sustainability at the Lucky Chinatown Mall

CKS College Business Expo 2024: Celebrating Innovation and Sustainability at the Lucky Chinatown Mall

The CKS College Business Expo 2024, held on May 10-11 at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila, was a resounding success, bringing together the brightest young minds and future entrepreneurs. The event showcased the creativity and business acumen of 20 student-entrepreneur teams from the Senior High School and College Division. The event is supported by its media partners: ChinoyTV and ChinatownTV.

The expo featured a diverse array of products, each reflecting the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of the students. The highlight of the event was the awarding ceremony held on May 11, where the top teams and individuals were recognized for their exceptional performance. The ceremony was graced by Dr. Judelio Yap, President, and Dr. Rolance Chua, Vice President, who presented the awards to the deserving winners.

Best Product for Innovation and Sustainability

Out of the 20 participating teams, five were honored with the Best Product for Innovation and Sustainability award. These teams impressed the judges with their creative solutions and commitment to sustainable practices, setting a high standard for future expos.

Top 1 – Wrink Away

Top 2 – Canvas Crafts

Top 3 – CitroShine

Top 4 – Wipe Buddy

Top 5 – BiteBye

Best Booth Design

The Team BiteBye stood out for their exceptional booth design, earning them the Best Booth Design award. Their booth was not only visually appealing but also effectively communicated the essence of their product.

Best in Marketing Strategies

The Team CitroShine was recognized for their outstanding marketing strategies, receiving the Best in Marketing Strategies award. Their innovative approach to promoting their product demonstrated a deep understanding of market dynamics and their consumers.


Outstanding Salesmanship Award

Four students were individually recognized for their exceptional sales skills namely: CHAN, GLACEE ANTOINETTE C. 曾悅珊, CHEN, WILLY S. 許偉利, SEBASTIAN, ANJELO REY, and MANABAT, IAN ROVANNE Z. 蔡文萬, each receiving the Outstanding Salesmanship Award. Their ability to engage with customers, articulate the value of their products, and close sales set them apart as future stars in the business world.

The CKS College Business Expo 2024 not only provided a platform for students to display their entrepreneurial talents but also fostered a spirit of innovation and collaboration. The success of the event is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, faculty, and organizers. As the expo concluded, it left everyone eagerly anticipating next year's event, where new ideas and innovations will once again take center stage.


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