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The faculty members, administrative officers, and students of CKS College showcased their group projects and scientific papers via virtual and face-to-face means for the school year 2022-2023 Research Colloquium Conference.

This yearly event culminates research activities, as welcomed in opening remarks by Dr. Judelio Yap (President, CKS College) and facilitated by Dr. Ivy Lim (Head of the Research Office), Dr. Rolance Chua (Dean, School of Graduate Studies), and Mr. Ankiat Byron Co (Chair, Dean’s Council), who focused on the knowledge and experience gained throughout the master’s program by our presenters from the administrative office as well as our faculty members from the Senior High School Department. The culminating projects of our students from the School of Graduate Studies and Higher Education Division are centered on the application of theory, research, and real-world business practices and methodologies.

Faculty research advisers instructed our students in ethical conduct and assisted them in accordance with guidelines required by the college institution. The event was an opportunity for all our presenters, who demonstrated depth and breadth of knowledge in their major field of study. With that, it continuously enhances their critical thinking about analyzing results, valuing team building, developing leadership skills, and improving their methodology from the tools and approaches other researchers have used. This activity can truly help in establishing and sustaining a research culture at CKS College.




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