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Legacy of NSTP’s Batch 2022-2023

The National Service Training Program for the first year students of CKSC Higher Division had a series of fruitful activities under the guidance of Mr. Ian Mark F. Arevalo. These efforts, which were carried out in both online and face-to-face setups, attempted to instill active engagement and commitment among the students as "nation builders." 

For NSTP 1, the students organized two webinars. The first seminar was facilitated by a registered Psychologist, Ms. Linda Cangayao. She talked about tips and ways to become resilient both physically and mentally. On the other hand, a Constitution 101 was conducted, entitled “Tayo’y Tao, Magpakatao! Tackling Awareness of Our Own Liberty”. Facilitated by guest speaker Ms. Genesis Abrigo, the webinar delved into topics such as human rights, their characteristics, and the importance of raising awareness. Additionally, to celebrate the festive season, a Christmas outreach program was conducted by each group to spread the joy and warmth of the holidays. 

Transitioning to NSTP 2, a variety of activities and opportunities were provided by Mr. Arevalo to let the students foster a spirit of volunteerism and active participation to contribute to the community’s well-being. Each group gathered information about their respective barangays, through "Barangay Profiling." Furthermore, they were able to unleash their creativity in the tri-fold presentation of the said information. In honor of Women’s Month, different groups showcased their talents in discussing historical women and their significant contributions. After gathering the necessary information by conducting the "Needs Assessment Interview" in their respective barangays, the students brainstormed ideas for outreach programs. The culmination of NSTP 2 was the implementation of the outreach programs in each groups’ barangays wherein they held programs such as seminars regarding proper budgeting and waste management, clean-up drives, and donations. All of the programs were based on the needs that were identified during the assessments.  

The whole NSTP journey had helped the students develop their talents while contributing to the betterment of the society. The students were instilled with a sense of social responsibility and passion for volunteerism. It was truly a memorable experience for the first year students of batch 2022-2023. 




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