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Entreprenuerial Summit 2022

In celebration of CKS College's 83rd Foundation Anniversary, the Higher Education Division hosted the CKSC Entrepreneurship Summit 2022. Themed “Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons from CKSian Entrepreneurs,” the Summit was held on October 26, Wednesday, 1:00PM, at the Padre Algue Campus Auditorium.

The event featured prominent CKSian alumni whose achievements in their respective fields are unparalleled: Frances Cabatuando from CKS HS Batch 2009, founder and CEO of Home Buddies; Ace Olano from CKS HS Batch 2003, President of Varley Corporation and Vice President of Progress Ventures Group of Companies; Andrew Tan from CKS HS Batch 2003, owner of Jersey Haven; and Gilbert Chan from CKS College Batch 2001, owner of GMW Graphics Design Corporation.

With events host Max Tiu as facilitator, the speakers shared valuable lessons that would benefit and empower both CKSian learners and aspiring entrepreneurs. These CKSian entrepreneurs were able to discuss their experiences on how to build their capabilities and look for opportunities to get through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The event’s media partner is ChinoyTV.



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