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CKS College Student Colloquium 2019

The 1st student research colloquium with the theme, "Valuing Innovative Ideas in Optimizing Awareness in Research Development" was held last March 2, 2019 at the 2nd floor Conference Room.  This event highlight the presentation of research proposals by select students from the School of Information Technology Education and the School of Education.  The goal of this activity is to continuously encourage and establish a culture of research in the College.

The 2nd  Student Research Colloquium was held last April 04, 2019, at the CKS College AVR Room, Narra Campus.  The research conference with the theme, "Creating Innovative Ideas Towards Excellence in Marketing Research: Gen Z's Perspective" was participated by the Marketing Students: Nichole Sia, Marxist So, and Kimberly Nua. The conference brought awareness and enrichment on the updated issues and information that serve as an input in enhancing innovative marketing methods.



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