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Graphics and Visual Computing Major Subjects


CSGV301 - Computer Graphics

Introduces fundamental concepts on computer graphics. Topics include input and display devices, scan conversion of geometric primitives, 2D and 3D transformations and clipping, windowing techniques, curves and curved surfaces, and 3D viewing and perspective.

Pre-requisite/s : ITEP103L, ITED101

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


CSGV302 - 3D Modeling and Animation

Explores principles of 3D modeling and animations. Emphasis will be placed in the creation of 3D computer representations and motions using appropriate modeling software. Topic includes color, shading, texture mapping, lighting, rendering and finer details of motion graphics.

Pre-requisite/s : CSGV301

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


CSGV303 - 3D Programming

Builds on the foundation provided by CSGV301 and CSGV302 to focus on programming tools and techniques for 3D programs. Topics include OpenGL, Direct3D, Java3D, VRML and other existing APIs specifically for 3D.

Pre-requisite/s : CSGV302

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


CSGV304 - Image Synthesis Techniques

Focuses on intermediate level computer graphics. Topics include local and global illumination methods including radiosity and distributed ray tracing, texture generation and rendering, volume rendering, strategies for anti-aliasing and photo-realism, human vision and color science as they relate to computer displays, and high-performance architectures for graphics.

Pre-requisite/s : CSGV302

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


CSGV305 - Computer Game Programming

Focuses primarily on programming aspects, including event loops and execution threads, rendering and animation in 3D, terrain/background representation, polygonal models, texturing, collision detection and physically-based modeling, game AI, and multi-user games and networking.

Pre-requisite/s : CSGV303, CSGV304

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


CSGV306 - Geometric Modeling

Focuses on the mathematical tools needed for the geometrical aspect of computer graphics. Topics include parametric and implicit cure, surface models, continuity constraints, B-Splines, tensor product, and triangular patch surfaces. Also includes geometric algorithm for graphics problems with applications to ray tracing, hidden surface elimination, and others.

Pre-requisite/s : CSGV304, CSAL201

Credits : 3 units



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