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Computer Science Core Subjects


CSAL201 - Algorithm Design and Analysis

Introduces formal techniques to support the design and analysis of algorithms, focusing on both the underlying mathematical theory and practical considerations of efficiency. Topics include asymptotic complexity bounds, techniques of analysis, and algorithmic strategies.

Pre-requisite/s: ITEP103L, ITED101

Credits : 3 units


CSAL202 - Automata and Language Theory

Introduces students to the cornerstone of theoretical Computer Science. Topics include abstract machine languages, finite automata, regular expressions, pushdown automata, context-free languages, Turing machines, and recursively enumerable languages.

Pre-requisite/s: ITED101

Credits : 3 units


CSDB201L - Database Management Systems

Introduces the concepts and techniques of database systems. Topics include the relational model, relational algebra, SQL, entity-relationship modeling, normalization and introduction to advance topics like integrity, concurrency, security, recovery and distributed databases.

Pre-requisite/s : ITEP102L

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


CSDS201 - Discrete Mathematics 2

Continues the discussion of discrete mathematics introduced in ITED101. Topics in the second course include predicate logic, recurrence relations, graphs, trees, matrices, computational complexity, elementary computability, and discrete probability.

Pre-requisite/s : ITED101

Credits : 3 units


CSDS202 - Modelling and Simulation

Introduces the concepts of modelling and simulation. Topics discussed in the course includes, system analysis and classification., abstract and simulation models, continuous, discrete, and combined models, heterogeneous models. It also covers pseudorandom number generation and testing, queuing systems, Monte Carlo method, and continuous simulation.

Pre-requisite/s : CSDS201

Credit/s : 3 units


CSMA201 - Differential Calculus

Introduces the basic techniques of differentiation of algebraic and transcendental functions and applications of derivatives.

Pre-requisite/s : ITEM102

Credits : 3 units


CSMA202 - Integral Calculus

Continues the discussion of calculus focusing on techniques of integration and application of integration.

Pre-requisite/s : CSMA201

Credits : 3 units


CSNC201 - Introduction to Net-Centric Computing

Introduces the structure, implementation, and theoretical underpinnings of computer networking and the applications that have been enabled by that technology.

Pre-requisite/s : CSOS201, ITEW101L

Credits : 3 units


CSOS201L - Operating Systems

Introduces the fundamentals of operating systems design and implementation. Topics include an overview of the components of an operating system, mutual exclusion and synchronization, implementation of processes, scheduling algorithms, memory management, and file systems.

Pre-requisite/s : ITEA102

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


CSPL201 - Structures of Programming Languages

Introduces the fundamental concepts of high level programming language structures. Topics include syntax and translation, language definition structures, elementary and structured data types, abstraction mechanism, sequence and data control and run time considerations.

Pre-requisite/s : ITEP102L

Credits : 3 units


CSPL202 - Programming Language Translation

Introduces the theory and practice of programming language translation. Topics include compiler design, lexical analysis, parsing, symbol tables, declaration and storage management, code generation, and optimization techniques.

Pre-requisite/s : CSPL201, CSAL202

Credits : 3 units


CSRE201 - Method of Research

Focuses on the methods of research for scientific and technological studies. Topics include research design, analysis and interpretation of data in relation with the basic research methods and techniques.

Credits : 3 units


CSSE201L - Software Engineering

Introduces students to software engineering tools and processes. Topics include project planning, system and program design, program implementation tools and techniques, programming paradigm, testing, software maintenance, and reusable software management issues.

Pre-requisite/s : CSDB201L

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


CSPR401 - CS Practicum

Enables the students to apply knowledge and skills learned from the course to a practical and real-world environment for a given duration of time. Requires students to spend all credit hours in a company

Pre-requisite/s: Completion of at least 80% of curriculum units

Credits : 3 units (162 hrs)


CSTH401 - Thesis 1

Requires students to formulate and develop a thesis proposal.

Credits: 3 units

Prerequisites: CSRE201


CSTH402 - Thesis 2

Requires students to implement, develop and defend the proposed thesis in CSTH401.

Pre-requisite/s : CSTH401

Credits : 3 units



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