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Not Just S/HE but WE for Gender Sensitivity

The CKS College Higher Education Division National Service Training Program 2 (NSTP 2) students organized a webinar about gender sensitivity awareness. Under the leadership of Joshua Erik Tan, and the guidance of Prof. Ian Mark Fernandez Arevalo, “Not Just S/HE but WE for Gender Sensitivity” - A Gender Sensitivity Awareness Webinar was successfully conducted last April 18, with guest speaker/s, Ms. Mary Pauline Nicole Mercado and Mr. Joshua Cedric Gundayao.
 As famously said by English actress Emma Watson: “Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time we all perceive gender on a spectrum, not as two opposing sets of ideas.”
The webinar highlighted the lessons on how we should understand and see the current issues surrounding gender sensitivity. The guest speakers opened the possibility of gender identity being a spectrum and not a binary identification, and that in this new day of age, such division in gender identification and the roles stereotypically specified to them should be eliminated and regarded as things of the past.
 Additionally, we are taught that each person that identifies from whichever part of the spectrum must be treated with respect as that of a normal human being with their own space of privacy. As the world starts moving forward, we must understand the sensitivity when it comes to an individual’s gender and limitations. Perhaps the most memorable lesson that students impart is on how it is okay for every individual to feel sensitive and have limitations, value themselves, and know how to speak out if they feel violated in any certain way. But at the same time, learn the importance of knowing the art of consent and when to stop before violating someone else, for each and every one of us have our own little bubble of privacy, no matter the size, no one has the right to pop it.


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