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Chiang Kai Shek College Research Office

Chiang Kai Shek College Research Office

Research, Development, and Extension


In order to achieve its institutional objectives, Chiang Kai Shek College has established several units or offices that now serve as its implementing arms, one of which is the institution’s Research Office. CKS College Research Office is the unit that manages as well as provides direction and support to faculty and staff on matters concerning the College’s research activities. The College thrusts shall be consistent with the College Mission-Vision and shall encompass the academic thrusts of the different programs, specifically: institutional concerns related to the operation of CKS College in a globally competitive environment; contributions to the academic discipline; and the development of institutional materials limited to the regular courses of a curriculum in the College. The priority areas of study of the college shall be educational development, institutional studies, technology, Filipino-Chinese studies, and other studies that will contribute to the increment of existing disciplines or the addition of new discoveries in developmental areas, practical sciences, or speculative knowledge.


Research Agenda


                              College Research Agenda

The Research Office establishes the College Research Agenda with the following guidelines in order to develop the CKSian research culture:

1. To conduct basic research that will serve as the foundation for creating new knowledge and applied research that will contextualize existing information in the various academic domains that are relevant to CKSian transformative education as stated by the following research categories:

    a. Educational Development and Growth

    b. Organizational Studies,

    c. Technology,

    d. Filipino-Chinese Studies,


2. To combine advocacy-focused research with the college extension programs:

     a. Excellent Education,

     b. Knowledge of Culture,

     c. Advancement of technology, and

     d. Innovative business strategies.


3. To carry out studies that will yield information and data for administrative policy-making in quality assurance.


     a. Business and Management,

     b. Quality of Teaching and Research,

     c. Support for Students, and

     d. Relations with the Community











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