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Information Technology Core Subjects

ITAC201 - Accounting 1 and 2

Focuses on the basics accounting principles and procedures.


Credits : 6 units


ITMG201 - Information Resource Management

Introduces the concept of information resource management. Topics include information system planning, operations management, data resource management, communications/network management, project management, systems development and maintenance and quality assurance.

Pre-requisite/s: ITAC201

Credits: 3 units


ITMM201L - Introduction to Multimedia

Focuses on issue surrounding multimedia, including the role of and design of multimedia systems which incorporate digital audio, graphics and video, underlying concepts and representations of sound, pictures and video, data compression and transmission, integration of media, multimedia authoring, and delivery of multimedia.

Pre-requisite/s : ITEW101L

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


ITOS201L - UNIX/Linux System Administration

Focuses on the installation, use and administration of the Linux OS. It includes features and benefits of the Linux Operating System as well as the differences between different distributions, steps needed for an installation of the operating system, and configuring devices and services, such as networking and dialup connections. Understands how Linux boots and explores the file system using Linux commands. Learn how to install, configure and use the X Window System. Other topics include the GNOME and KDE desktops, setting up Linux applications, and System Administration Tasks.

Pre-requisite/s : ITEA102

Credits : 2 units lecture (2 hrs) & 1 unit lab (3 hrs)


ITSE201 - System Analysis and Design

Introduces the various concepts, principles, and stages of computer-based information systems analysis and design. Topics include different methods, tools, and techniques used in systems analysis and design, feasibility study, requirements definition, design and development documentation, system development life cycle, prototyping, data modeling, and user involvement.

Pre-requisite/s : ITEP103L

Credits : 3 units


ITCP401 - IT Capstone Project

Pre-requisite/s : 

Credits: 4 units


ITPR401 - IT Practicum 1

Enables the students to apply knowledge and skills learned from the course to a practical and real-world environment for a given duration of time. A portion of the student’s credit hours will be spent in school campus while remaining hours will be allotted to project and other things that would help in the future career of the student.

Pre-requisite/s : 

Credits : 4 units


ITPR402 - IT Practicum 2

Requires students to spend all credit hours in a company.

Pre-requisite/s : 

Credits : 5 units


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Guidelines for 2024 Commencement Exercises

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