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BS Entrep : Business Core

PRIMAO- Principles of Management and Organization

This course is an introduction to the management functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. It will focus on the theories and fundamental concepts of management and emphasize the basic roles, skills and functions of management, with special emphasis on managerial responsibility for effective and efficient achievement of goals. Topics such as social responsibility, managerial ethics, and the importance of multi-national organizations shall also be discussed. Furthermore, the class will cover the evolution of management thought, function, and practice, and will emphasize current approaches and emerging trends.

Pre-requisite/s : None

Credits : 3.0 Units


HUBEOR - Human Behavior in Organizations

This course is designed to give students the basic knowledge of human behavior needed to create a more effective organizational environment. The course shall be broken down into three segments: (1) the behavior of individuals in organizations, (2) group behavior in organizations, and (3) how these behaviors affect the overall performance of organizations. Particular emphasis will be placed on individual differences, attitude, motivation, job satisfaction, communication, leadership, stress, change, and organizational culture.

Pre-requisite/s : PRIMAO, GENPSY

Credits : 3.0 Units


PRIMAR - Principles of Marketing

The course gives the student a deeper understanding of core marketing concepts, activities, and applications, and identifies the role of marketing management in developing competitive advantage for business and service establishments.  It also aims to develop the student’s ability to appreciate and use contemporary models in marketing management for sound decision making. Students shall be trained to design and implement product, price, place, and promotion strategies, in order to help a company achieve its strategic and financial objectives, while at the same time, develop and sustain long term customer relationships.

Pre-requisite/s : None

Credits : 3.0 Units


ACT102E - Financial Accounting 1

This introductory course exposes the business student to the nature, scope and functions of the accounting discipline.  It deals primarily with the accounting process of transforming raw economic data into useful financial accounting information.  Typical transactions, documents and accounting problems of a single proprietorship engaged in a service or merchandising business provide the framework for discussion.  The concepts of internal control and computerized accounting system will be initially introduced in this course. 

Pre-requisite/s : None

Credits : 6.0 Units


ACT304E - Financial Accounting 2

This is a continuation of the first course in Accounting.  Initially it will deal with a review of the accounting process and principles in order to reinforce knowledge, competence and skills.  The main part covers transactions, accounting problems and financial statements peculiar to the partnership and corporate form of business using the merchandising business as framework.  It will include the preparation of simple statement of changes in partnership capital and statement of changes in retained earnings.  The voucher system in introduced in this course.  Likewise, non-cast manufacturing accounting is also to be introduced. The course exposes the students to computerized accounting system for merchandising business.

Pre-requisite/s : ACT102E

Credits : 6.0 Units


BUSCOM - Business Communication

This course focuses on the correct use of the English language as a tool that shapes effective communication, both written and spoken, in the business world. It tackles the fundamentals of technical writing which provide students with adequate writing practice through the process beginning from prewriting, writing and rewriting stages of different technical papers in particular business letters and reports.

Pre-requisite/s : ENGL101, ENGL102

Credits : 3.0 Units


BASFIN - Basic Finance

This course will focus on what business firms should do to achieve their financial goals and how they can optimize the owners’ wealth. Key topics include finance function, the operating environment of finance, time value of money, risk and return, tools of financial analysis and planning, utilization of funds, acquisition of funds, credit and banking, financial intermediaries, financial markets, foreign exchange markets, and monetary policy.

Pre-requisite/s : None

Credits : 3.0 Units


COMAPL- Business Computer Application

This course is designed to teach students the theoretical approach to information technology and management information systems within a business/computer science environment.  Practical business computer applications will emphasize word processing and spreadsheets. It will prepare the students in the application of office productivity software that are used in the industry.  Lectures, hands-on activities, and projects shall expose the students to the actual functions of the software.

Pre-requisite/s : COMTEC

Credits : 3.0 Units


SORGGO- Social Responsibility and Good Governance

This course focuses on the basic concepts, principles, frameworks and practices of social responsibility and good governance. It analyses the business framework that guides social responsibility and good governance practice. It also combines theory with field experience aimed at inspiring young leaders to become responsible citizen and entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

Pre-requisite/s : None

Credits : 3.0 Units


FINMA1 - Financial Management 1

This course will cover an introduction to financial/corporate management. It will focus on what business firms should do to achieve their financial goal, which is to optimize the owner’s wealth. Specifically the course will include discussion of the finance function, the operating environment of finance, key concepts such as time value of money, risk and return, tools of financial statement analysis and planning, and financial asset valuation. As an additional part of the course, some selected personal financial management topics are also included in the course such as: use and source of credit from non-bank institutions, and an individual’s basic investment selection biases on ordinary shares, bonds, and mutual funds.

Pre-requisite/s : BASFIN

Credits : 3.0 Units


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