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BSAct : Information Technology Education

SYSANA - IT Concepts and System Analysis and Design

The course encompasses the concepts, tools, and techniques required to analyze and design business information systems. The course will include structured development approaches and the system development life cycle. Emphasis will be given to the role of information systems in organizations and how they relate to organizational objectives and structure. Students will be introduced to system analysis and design modeling tool such as data flow diagrams.  Feasibility concerns will also be addressed leading to the preparation of a project proposal

Pre-requisite/s : FUNDBA

Credits : 3.0 Units


CACT001 -Accounting Information System

The course discusses an overview of the accounting information system and the various roles of a CPA in its operation, evaluation and development. An introduction to major business processes is also made since the course is understood to be taken by students who have already completed and passed Auditing Theory which had extensively discussed AIS in a manual environment. The course also concentrates on the various transaction cycles and how the manual maintenance of the system had changed into computerized one – its advantages and risk exposures.

Pre-requisite/s : SYSANA

Credits : 3.0 Units


CACT002 - Accounting In CIS Environment

This course complements the course in auditing, but limited to the areas that have an immediate consequence to information technology (IT) as used in business. It discusses the impact information technology on the auditor’s study and evaluation of internal control. The focus of the course is on the audit of computerized information systems as part of the audit of the financial statements. It also introduces tools and techniques in auditing information systems.

Pre-requisite/s : CACT001

Credits : 3.0 Units


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