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BSBA Major in Management : Professional Subjects - CKS College (大學)

Chiang Kai Shek College | 菲律濱中正學�

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BSBA Major in Management : Professional Subjects

ORGDEV - Organizational Development

The course is designed to provide students with realistic and analytical principles of organizational change that will help them handle change issues and concerns. It shall explore various related areas such as leadership, competitiveness, stress management, time management, career planning, and establishment of ethical guidelines. Furthermore, it shall provide an analysis of how companies continuously respond to technological change, external opportunities and threats, and environmental and demographic shifts through differentiation and innovation.

Pre-requisite/s : PRIMAO

Credits : 3.0 Units


PROMAN - Production and Operations Management

This course gives an overview of the techniques, methods, and processes involved in production management. It familiarizes students with core operational activities and covers measurement, purchasing, and production concepts and applications in manufacturing and service businesses. It will integrate the numerous activities and processes necessary to produce products and services in a highly competitive global environment. At the end of the course, students should have a deeper understanding of the role production/ operations management plays in the decision-making process.

Pre-requisite/s : PRIMAO

Credits : 3.0 Units


MISYST - Management Information System

This course introduces the student to the concept of the information system - how it is used in business, why it is used, and how the resulting information can affect the learners' lives personally in the context of the kinds of organizations in which they are likely to work. MIS is not a programming course. This course aims to create informed users of information systems and to prepare students for further study in the area. It will examine the technological components of Computer- Based Information System and explore how systems are used in organizations, including areas that apply across all organizations and typical usage patterns in certain types of organizations. Information systems shall be discussed from the viewpoint of both MIS management and general management.

Pre-requisite/s : PRIMAO, COMAPL

Credits : 3.0 Units


INTBUS - International Business

This course introduces students to the world of international business and management by studying cultural and economic influences, government, and business structures in the global economy.  Students will also learn about trade relations, international finance, legal, labor agreements, and trade agreements. 

Pre-requisite/s : PRIMAO

Credits : 3.0 Units


TRADEV- Training and Development

This course will address the theoretical bases, core practices, competencies, and issues related to employee training & development in business organizations. Students will be exposed to learning needs and priorities of the workplace. They will explore the variety of ways in which employees and their managers gain new knowledge and skills as part of their professional growth.

Pre-requisite/s : PRIMAO, HUREMA

Credits : 3.0 Units


COMADM- Compensation Administration

The course presents practical tools, methods, and a systems perspective to help students understand the role of compensation in Human Resource Management. It discusses procedures for designing and administering compensation, the special aspects of pay-for-performance system, as well as indirect compensation (benefits). The business students are required to propose a new compensation design that an organization may use to reward employees, to gain a competitive advantage, and to achieve its major objectives.

Pre-requisite/s : PRIMAO, HUREMA

Credits : 3.0 Units


LABLEG - Labor Law and Legislation

The course covers the introduction to the basic concepts and principles of the Philippine Labor Code as an indispensable tool in human resource management. It shall also cover the different government instrumentalities involved in implementing labor and social legislations (e.g. Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Commission, SSS). The student is given the opportunity to learn how the various labor laws affect the manner business operates, the interplay of various sectors, and the limitations and scope of freedom in the workplace.

Pre-requisite/s : PRIMAO, HUREMA

Credits : 3.0 Units


FINMA2 - Financial Management 2

This course involves the study of the different financial techniques used in capital investment analysis and evaluation for making long-term financial decisions. Different sources of long-term funds, techniques in long-term financing and different ways of computing for values of long-term investments and returns will also be discussed. Key topics include the time value of money, capital budgeting, the cost of capital, leverage and capital structure, dividend policy, and mergers, LBO’s, divestitures, and business failures. Both qualitative and quantitative tools utilized in financial management shall be discussed and assessed as tools in management decision making.

Pre-requisite/s : FINMA1

Credits : 3.0 Units


BUSTAX - Business Taxation

This course involves an intensive study of the business and transfer tax system, including the value-added tax, percentages taxes, estate tax and gift tax.  The relationship between these business and transfer taxes are also emphasized.  The policy underpinnings of wealth transfer taxation, and the reasons for the recent erosion in its political support, will be explored. 

Pre-requisite/s : PRITAX

Credits : 3.0 Units


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