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JMA’s First General Assembly 2017 - CKS College (大學)

Chiang Kai Shek College | 菲律濱中正學�

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JMA’s First General Assembly 2017

Junior Marketing Association (JMA) annual General Assembly’s target is information dissemination; ensuring that members of the organization are knowledgeable of all the activities that JMA is holding and will hold for this academic year. This year’s assembly happened last August 2017 and was graced by invited and idtinguised speakers namely Mr. Jomer Gregorio, expert on Digital Marketing, and Ms. Mary Lizchelle Martin on Personal Development.

Mr. Jomer Gregorio shared the different activities on digital marketing, highlighting the internet and social media. Moreover, he elaborated on the concept of “pay-per-click” marketing as a business tool to potential customers or some by passers in social media.

The second speaker, Ms. Mary Lizchelle Martin, talked about personal development. Personal development is an essential component not only to the Filipno-Chinese community, but to everyone who wanted to build lasting professional and personal relationship, both in the work place and at home. Ms. Martin motivates the participants to talk and express themselves to people of any rank without hesitation, quoting her “walang nakakahiya kung wala kang hiya.” Lastly, Ms. Martin also discussed about the different personality of people by using the animals that are known for their unique and specific traits and attitudes like the Philippine Eagle (the doer), Rooster (the talker), Carabao (the watcher), and Tarsier (the thinker).

Indeed, it was a great start for the organization. A balance between professional and personal development has been achieved through the seminars provided. Students will surely apply learned concepts in their everyday activities and future endeavors.



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