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DIVERGE: Embrace your Destiny Accountancy 2nd Academic Conference - CKS College (大學)

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DIVERGE: Embrace your Destiny Accountancy 2nd Academic Conference

Last Saturday, January 21, 2017, 11 members of the Chiang Kai Shek College - Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants' joined DIVERGE: Embrace your Destiny Accountancy 2nd Academic Conference (afternoon session) organized by the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants.  This event took place at the Medicine Auditorium of Martin de Porres Building, University of Santo Tomas. The event organizers invited various speakers, hosted interactive games and showed their talents to entertain the participants.

              The program started with a spoken word by the former president of NFJPIA, Jerwin Dave Patacsil, accompanied with a song and guitar by NFJPIA's president Julius Llanera and a violin performance by the regional vice president for communications – west, Juniel Go. The spoken word touched the hearts of the members and made them relate to one another. The song also captured audience and it made the members ready for the seminar.

              The first speaker was Mr. Richardson E. Novor. He talked about his journey as an accountant in the private sector. He also included stories of his life as a student, how he jumbled his academics with his extra-curricular activities and made choices for his future career. It was an inspiring story indeed. His stories made the crowd realize that they can also have a bright future in a private sector.

              The next speaker was Ms. Geraldine H. Apostol. This speaker talked about her life when she was just starting at an auditing firm and how she handled situations wherein some clients are testing her ability and competence as an auditor. It was evident in the venue that she made the members inspired of her story because when the open forum started everyone was eager to ask her questions.

              The last speaker was Mr. Pocholo C. Domondon. He also talked about his career in the public sector. He showed some of the brilliant clients he have handled and how these people have similarity of being a leader. He wanted the members to be a leader and become an inspiration to others by achieving greatness. Mr. Domondon also talked about how he became a partner of PWC Isla Lipana E. Co.

              The program ended with NFJPIA officers presenting the speakers once again to give them a token of appreciation.  Juniel Go, the regional vice president for communications – west, also gave some closing remarks, thanked the members for their participation and gave some announcements for some future NFJPIA activities.  In addition, they hosted a raffle where they chose a winner to win two tickets to ocean adventure and five winners of accounting books and a gift certificate. Indeed, it was a successful event. The crowd did not only learn a lot for their future but they had a good time with their co-members as well.

Article by: Christeen Lo


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