Josiah Go on Principles & Practices in Marketing

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Mr. Josiah Go, marketing mentor and guru, visited Chiang Kai Shek College on February 24, 2018 to conduct a one-day lecture on "Principles and Practices in Marketing in the Philippine Setting." Held at the AVR, CKS College (Narra Campus), this seminar was organized by Rex Bookstore, the Association of Chinese-Filipino Schools of the Philippines, and Chiang Kai Shek College.
Teachers from senior high school ABM strand and college marketing instructors from different schools attended the seminar, which covered six topics: Marketing Principles and Strategies, Customer Relationship, Market Opportunity Analysis: Consumer Analysis, Buyer Behavior, Market Segmentation, Developing the Marketing Mix: Value Proposition (Product & Price), Place, Promotional Mix, Managing the Marketing Effort and Marketing Plan.
A CKS College alumnus, Mr. Go is the Chairman of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. and is the bestselling author behind various marketing books such as Principles and Practices in Marketing in the Philippine Setting, The Rainmakers, and Marketing Plan: Building the Profitable Preferred Brand. Last April 17, 2017, Mr. Go featured his Q&A with CKS College President, Dr. Dory Poa, and her efforts to reform Chinese education and make CKSians truly multilingual in his article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, entitled Chinese Education Redefined.