Honors' Circle

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What is the CKS College Honors' Circle?

The CKS College Honors' Circle is a program designed through a joint undertaking between the Chiang Kai Shek College Alumni Association, Inc. (CKSCAAI) and the CKS College School of Business and Accountancy. It seeks to provide an enhanced educational experience to high-achieving students in an environment that supports social, emotional, and intellectual development.

This program shall only be available to high-achieving students who will enroll in any of the following courses under the CKS College School of Business and Accountancy:

To be retained in the Honors' Circle, the student must…


What are the Benefits of Joining the Honors' Circle?

  • Full scholarship from the CKSC Alumni Association, Inc.

  • Individualized advising and mentoring

  • Learner-centered and outcomes-based approach focused on, but not limited to, developing analytical, critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills

  • Priority during enrollment

  • Social and entrepreneurial growth opportunities


What are the Application Requirements?

Honors Circle applicants should have taken and passed the CKS College entrance exams. Furthermore, they shall be required to:

  • Take the IQ and psychological tests mandated by the School of Business and Accountancy

  • Undergo an interview with the Screening and Selection Committee

The following documents should be submitted by the applicant:

  • Completed application form for the CKS College Honors Circle [Download HERE]

  • Copy of F137

  • Two (2) recommendation forms [Download HERE]– filled out by a teacher or guidance counselor

Those who rank among the top 10% of CKS College freshmen applicants based on their scholastic grades, entrance exams, IQ tests, and other evaluation criteria shall be selected to be part of the Honors' Circle. The decision of the Screening and Selection Committee is final.